Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The sun Temple of Konark

"Konark" The sun Temple

Me and my friend planned a tour Konark, the abode of the famous Sun Temple. We stared our journey at 5.30 in the early morning from Bhunaneswar, the Capital city of the state of Odisha.

We know our destination and the rout there to. Konark is situated 64 KM away from Bhubaneswar. Our journey was from Bhubaneswar to Konark enroute Pipili followed by Nimapada. It is about a couple of hours journey by motor bike.

Handicraft of Pipili
I feel the journey to Konark will remain incomplete, if I do not say something about Pipili. Pipili is renowned for its handicrafts, significantly the "Chanduas". Chanduas are made of colored cloth with embroidery designs of flowers, leaves, elephants etc., with multiple utility as well decorative, garden umbrella or other. These handicrafts have very good demand in the  country and abroad, and the demand is consistently on the increase.

Dancing Fairy of Konark Temple

After the two-hours journey from Bhubaneswar via Pipili and Nimapada we arrived at our destination,  the Sun Temple, also known as the "Black Pagoda". Soon I found myself standing in front of a dome, carved on rock and designed like a chariot. The premises are full of rocks and stones and stones only, and with sculptures of artistic talent, elephants, lions, horses, dances and singers. It was really an amazing sight with art and sculptures all around.

Wheel of Konark

The Sun Temple is around 230ft. high in the shape of a chariot with 24 giant wheels each of 10 feet diameter. These 12 pairs of wheels happen to be the main attraction of temple, exquisitely designed and decorated. Amazing engineering skills of the ancient era are visible here. The entire temple is made out of naturally oxidized sand stone also called "mankada stones".

The sun temple was built by Narasingha Deva-I, the mighty king of "Ganga" dynasty in 1278 CE. The ruins of this great masterpiece were excavated in the late19th century. The main entrance ( Jagamohan ) is in tact, while the tower over the main temple is missing. Two gigantic stone carved lions are seen at the main entrance, as if guarding the temple, with crushing elephants sculptures seen nearby.
Warrior horse of Konark Temple

In front of the Sun Temple, there is ( Natya Mandap ) the dance hall. This is full of stone sculptures and carvings of men, women, animal, dancers, warriors, horses, elephants, in various pattens despicting all about our mythological and geometrical creations. Each of the piece is an art of excellence and carnival speaking of life.

Sun God of Konark Temple

We forgot time and everything else and viewing the scenery dumb-founded. It was only with the chirping of birds returning to their nests that we hastened up for a retreat. In the melee, we did a blunder, i.e. forgetting about a visit to the famous " Chandrabhaga" beach adjancent to the Sun Temple. Thus we have to make another trip to the place in the not too far future.



  1. I hadn't heard of this temple before, but it looks fantastic. Shaped like a chariot - that's very interesting. You didn't mention the country though. Is this in India?

  2. Aj, Sun Temple Situate at: Konark,State/Province: Orissa( Now ODISHA ), Eastern part Of INDIA.
    Sun Temple of Konark also known as black pagoda. This Temple is one of the most renowned temples in India built around 13'th century and one of the world Heritage site declared by UNESCO.

  3. Yes, Lisa!! This Sun Temple is very Interesting Monuments in India. Main Temple is already demolished now only main entrance of the temple is stand with very miserable condition. Our ancestors built such a temple there is no jointing with other material for pasting, only you found stone joints with each other.

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  5. A world full of color, beautiful colors in your country and the monument I have seen,is one of the things that are no longer made ​​today, and we must preserve,beautiful,beautiful...

  6. Lene,India is a very beautiful country, so many languages, so many culture,many religions. You may feel, that every 40 kilometer distance culture of one place to other is different and Indian culture fertile with unity of many.India is Art of colours.

  7. Mr. Monoj though i am from Bangladesh but i have completed my B. Tech from KIIT University,BBSR.I went to these place 5-6 times and the places are really beautiful.You can also see some picture of Bangladesh in http://beautifulplacesofbd.blogspot.com and http://teleinfobd.blogspot.com

    This is also a nice effort by you.

  8. Love India. Networked Blog me back!

  9. Nicely written - ''We forgot time and everything else and viewing the scenery dumb-founded''
    Beautiful spiritual places in India have a wonderful effect on the mind.


  10. very interesting info....also nice photography.thanks for sharing

  11. I love you photography, especially the sunset, it's so beautiful :)

  12. very nice post, awesome photographs, i would like to go some day....looks awesome

  13. @Monica Devine
    Thanks for your comment here. Very soon I will add more Photo of this wonder Temple.

  14. This one is a famous attraction place in india ..nice photos ..one day i ll visit this place

  15. Hi Manoj,
    I got to your blog while looking up information on the Sun Temple.
    Thanks for sharing ... quite detailed.

    We were there about 8 months back.
    Here are the pictures we clicked while we were there. Hope you like 'em.

  16. Madhu,

    Thanks for your comment here. I seen your blog, great photography.

  17. Manoj, this was so interesting to read! I appreciated all the detail you offered, along with clear descriptions of what we were viewing in each photograph. The history of this place is impressive and I enjoyed being able to learn a little bit about it through your experiences and trip there. I may never get a chance to visit India, but I've been fortunate to take a virtual trip there through your eyes. Lovely!

    - Dawn

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  19. @Healing Morning
    Thanks your valuable opinion here.This is a small effort from me to share with you, what I have seen at Konark( Konark is name of a place & Sun temple situate at Konark).

  20. Look at those statues and establishment. It's very cultural that we can see its intricate designs. Very good spot to visit.

  21. I have been fan of Konark's Temple. the Sculptures and everything represent a unique beauty and thus it seems so magnificent!

  22. I also want to visit Sun Temple hopefully by next year. Thanks for uploading the pictures of your trip their and for your exciting travel story.

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  26. Good post. The present day temple was built in the 13th-century by King Narasimhadeva I of the Eastern Ganga dynasty to comemorate hs victory over Tughral Tughal Khan. Explore more about Konark Sun Temple.